Organic Sleepytime Slumber Tea
Organic Sleepytime Slumber Tea

Organic Sleepytime Slumber Tea

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With ingredients crafted to assist in reducing anxiety and foster relaxation, our Naturopathically endorsed Organic Sleepytime Slumber Tea is the perfect brew to help you lull into a peaceful sleep.

To make this Organic Tea, we have blended Skullcap with Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Rose Petals and Lavender.

All ingredients in this blend have been carefully selected to produce the perfect balance of functionality and flavour. This eye pleasing tisane’s palate is best described as sweet, floral, very slightly minty, earthy with hints of fresh lavender.


Add 1-2 tablespoons and brew in 100ºC water for 5-10 minutes. Add a dash of honey for sweetness.


1 or 2 cups consumed 30 minutes - 1 hour before sleep is optimal.


Ingredients: Skullcap, Orange Peel, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Rose Petal & Lavender.

Skullcap is traditionally used in Chinese medicine. The minty, earthy dried roots of Skullcap have long been used to fight off feelings of insomnia and sleeplessness. It is often consumed in tea form paired with a mix of other beneficial herbs.

Orange Peel is rich in fibre, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, calcium and other essential nutrients. The skin of the oranges contains a good number of polyphenols that protect against several diseases. Peels have anti-cancerous properties, due to the presence of limonene, a naturally occurring chemical

Chamomile is used to aid restful sleep which is so important for healthy hormones. It is a wonder herb and provides relief to headaches, cramps, colic and asthma. Its powerful digestive properties can help with irritable bowel, diarrhea and constipation. It is also shown to help:

  • fight inflammation.
  • regulate blood sugar (helpful for weight loss).
  • lower testosterone levels (great for irregular periods).
  • reduce stress.
  • Soothe the gastro-intestinal tract.

Lemon Balm assists with stomach problems, calming the body and mind. A powerful antioxidant, it helps cognitive function and digestion and can relieve stress and anxiety.

Passionflower can help relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Rose Petals have calming properties and can act as an antidepressant. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. As a blood tonic it can lower blood pressure, increase bile and calm the stomach. It can also assist in women’s cycles as a menstrual regulator

Lavender is calming and relaxing and provides sleep support.